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Welcome to
a medspa based in Pleasanton, CA


We love to offer our patients a variety of specials to help you achieve your cosmetic goals!


Body Sculpting


A collection of industry-leading lasers used to help you achieve your dream body. Whether your goal is to reduce fat, or build and tone muscles, our TruBody treatments can make your dream body a reality with proven results and non-invasive treatment methods.


Skin & Laser Treatments

We offer a wide variety of amazing facials and skin treatments that will help you address any of your skin concerns. Our treatment selection addresses a range of skin challenges-- everything from discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, aging, sagging skin, acne, to everyday maintenance. Click below to find the treatment that is right for you.


Whether you are looking to reduce wrinkles, or add volume to an area of the face, LumiereMD offers Wrinkle Relaxers and Fillers. Botox and Jeuveau aid in the reduction of sign of aging and fine lines and wrinkles, while our filler injectables can be used to plump the lips, cheekbones, and a variety of other areas in the face to offer a more youthful, proportional look to face.



"The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself."

Model Who Used TruSculpt for Body Contouring.

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"Jennifer, Shannon and all staff I've encountered at Lumiere MD are friendly, polite and efficient as they can be at this time. I love the care Kobi has given for various treatments. She is awesome."

"I've never had such thorough coverage of my face in any other clinic before. Between the dozen or so IPL treatments and the metro gel prescription, my skin practically glows. Thank god for the numbing cream they give me, because man, they don't go easy and they cover every square inch with one or two passes with the laser. Completely worth it!"

"I'm so glad I found Lumiere MD -- My skin hasn't looked this good in 10 years. I've been half-heartedly treating my rosacea since my early twenties, and I've seen half a dozen clinics over the years that provide IPL treatments, but it wasn't until I went to Lumiere that I took my treatment seriously."

"I purchased an offer originally that brought me to Dr. Jamali. This was the best deal, not just because of the cost, I finally found an amazing MD. She is so thorough, kind and professional. The staff is very helpful and the office is pristine. I highly recommend."

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