The Lumiere MD
All physicians care for their patients. We have devoted our lives to helping and healing others. At Lumiere MD we take our commitment to a higher level. We understand that your experience with us goes beyond the treatment options we offer. Your experience begins even before you walk through our doors. It begins when you call to make an appointment. From the first steps through the last, we will ensure you have a positive, comfortable experience with us.
We care for our patients as we care for our own families

At our office we provide a friendly, compassionate atmosphere and address all your medical needs in one location. We offer internal Medicine, chiropractic care, medical cosmetic care, pain management aesthetic services and adolescent medical expertise

Field-Leading Expertise

Our medical professionals are the top of their fields. Whether you're being treated for heart disease, cancer or hormone replacement we can help you every step of your journey. Dr Jamali with superior training at Stanford University Hospital is comfortable treating complex challenging cases. She has had vast experience caring for critically ill patients in the hospital and in the clinic.


Our internist with bioidentical hormone experience addresses all key hormonal imbalances that may be affecting very important phases of perimenopause and menopause, such as decreased libido, fatigue and sense of well-being. Our alternative medical experts in chiropractic help relieve chronic pain with nuveau tools such as decompression. This procedure helps relieve and heal herniated discs without surgical intervention and compliments any pain management and ongoing orthopedic treatments.

Our clinic also provides services to address our patients' beauty and nutritional needs. We provide tattoo removal, Fotofacial and YAG laser to address varicose veins. Additionally we have affordable packages to receive Botox® cosmetic, Juvederm® and body sculpting treatments.

Compassionate Care

Please read some of the things our patients have written about our doctors.

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