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Laser Vein

Laser vein treatment is a non-toxic and non-invasive therapy that uses light energy to destroy unwanted veins.

Laser Vein Treatments

Laser Vein Treatments

Laser Vein Removal

Treatment Information

Laser Vein Removal at LumiereMD

We use is a Cutera XEO Nd:YAG laser for laser vein removal. It is a 1064 wavelength laser and has a Coolglide tip to optimize comfort during this treatment. 

How does it work?

During treatment, a laser is applied to the spider veins. The laser transmits photons that are absorbed by the blood cells in the veins, which generates heat that destroys the blood vessel. The damaged vein shrinks and eventually dissolves over time. This treatment works best on small to medium vessels, typically less than 3mm in diameter.

What is the treatment experience like?

You will be given protective eyewear to wear throughout the treatment. The laser’s handpiece has a cooling tip to chill and protect the overlying skin, before and after the laser is pulsed on vein. The laser light then passes through the chilled skin and is absorbed by hemoglobin within both red and blue veins. The vein is destroyed by thermal energy created, and the remnants of the vein are broken down and eliminated by the body.

How does the treatment feel?

Patients do report minimal to moderate pain with treatment. Most patients do prefer to use numbing cream prior to treatment.

When will I see results?

Facial veins and hemiangiomas typically heal within 4-6 weeks post treatment.

Leg veins typically heal within 10-12 weeks post treatment, larger veins may take even longer.

It is important that the area is fully healed before a retreat to that area is done.

How many treatments are needed?

Typically 2-3 treatments are all that is needed for most patients. Future, maintenance treatments are needed for new vein growth to the area. Maintenance treatments are typically done yearly.

How long will results last?

The results of the treatment are considered permanent for that particular vessel.

Your lifestyle plays an important part in your body’s health and upkeep. You can extend results from the Laser Vein treatment by limiting sun exposure and wearing a sunscreen year-round, quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and committing to a skin-care regimen.

Other tips for prevention of leg veins and to improve your circulation include:

  • Elevate your legs

  • Sit for long periods? Get up and walk around every 30 minutes

  • Stand for long periods? Take a break every 30 minutes

  • Avoid soaking in hot baths for long periods of time


Please call for pricing.

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